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Your situation

Need for know-how ?

" We need to develop or enhance competences of our teams involved in customer relationship. "

" Our teams need sales training ! "
" We must set up a close relationship with our remote customers "
" I do not know how to prepare a business plan…"
" This is not my usual target, a business strategy must be worked out… "

" My business plan is stopped, I need professional actors… "

Need for performance ?

" I have a customer service and I would like to upgrade its individual and collective  performances. "
" Our products are changing, our sales have to increase. "
" Our market is changing, teams must be flexible. "
" We have to develop the performances of teams involved in customer relations. "
" We want all our employees to be customer-oriented. "
" We must measure and follow the impact of the trainings provided. "

Need for time ?

" My customers’ portfolio is inactive, I have to boost it with prospecting actions. "
" I don’t have the time for my commercial activities in France and abroad… "
" We’re running out of time,  we need a commercial support for our prospecting. "
" My suppliers’ portfolio has to change, I need to upgrade it with sourcing actions. "

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